Olseen is her choice

To the Editor:

I first met Rep. Bob Barrett in the spring of 2011 at AFSCME’s Day on the Hill at the State Office Building in St. Paul.   AFSCME Union people asked Mr. Barrett to meet with representatives, and although Mr. Barrett agreed to meet with us, he was pretty angry about it.

He got pulled out of his regular meeting and he was not happy. He would only answer questions from people in his district.

He said that there was nothing that he could do for us, and that since Obama had gotten elected President, anything could happen and that we could all become millionaires for living in America, a land of great opportunities.

This was in a year when public employees unions were facing 50 toxic bills to cut our work force and benefits.

For anybody concerned with union issues, Rick Olseen, a Democrat, is a far better choice for state representative.

Rick supports union issues. He will listen and talk to other legislators and try to do what he can to help your union. He is honest and hard working and he wants to help and support the people of his district — that is why he is running.

For union issues, the choice is black and white.  That’s why I support Rick Olseen for State Representative.

Barb Kruschel-retired 

state employee


  • Mike Olson

    I apparently observe things from the other side of the fence.
    That is about the most under thought out reply I’ve ever read! The union entitlements in the public sector are one of the big reasons the states are in the mess they’re in. Watch the Chicago teachers union as they strike for at one point, a 35% increase over the next 3 years. Do you really think the states can tax the private sector anymore or enough to pay these types of union give a ways? When’s the last time anyone you know got that type of increase? The states are broke, to pay these types of monies they can only tax the middle class, and last time I looked, many of them were losing homes and jobs, so good luck there. I personally like Rick Olseen, but I just can’t back anyone according to you, that is led around by unions.