Legislators deserve another term

To the Editor:

I was appalled and angry when I read last week about the difference in how much money Minneapolis gets per pupil in total education funding compared to our local school here in the county. Maybe they need more money to educate kids in Minneapolis but $7,000 more per kid?

If the amount of money per pupil is what makes Minneapolis schools successful then why is it that almost 30 percent of their school kids use open enrollment to attend schools outside the district, schools that get less funding but apparently provide better education.

It’s time Chisago and Isanti counties have representatives who will fight for our school kids and close the gap on the huge inequity in education funding. Thankfully, we have that representation in Sen. Sean Nienow and Rep. Bob Barrett. These men have both made our schools a top focus of their service and have made good progress in spite of the powerful special interests of metro politicians.

Our schools and the kids are receiving the benefit of their hard work. It’s about time.

For how much longer would we be paying taxes to the state only to have them redirected to Minneapolis schools while our own kids do without, had these guys not been there to say enough is enough?

Keep up the good work gentlemen. You deserve another term and we need you there.

 Julie Belisle

North Branch

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