Rush City approves updated liquor, beer ordinance

The Rush City Council on Aug. 27 approved the city’s updated liquor and beer ordinance while agreeing to revisit the water tower maintenance proposal and residential rental ordinance at a later time.

Under the updated liquor and beer ordinance, the city can now impose civil penalties and license suspensions — on top of penalties already in place — on a business if it fails an alcohol compliance check.

Further, people cannot use alcohol out in public, including parks, without a license. The exception, noted City Administrator Amy Mell, is when people are attending an event that has a beer and/or liquor license in place.

Councilors also weighed in on the issue of minors employed by establishments that sell alcoholic beverages. They eventually agreed to not add more restrictions than what state statute already provides, Mell noted.

In other news, the council:

• Learned the county’s new Housing Redevelopment Authority/Economic Development Authority (HRA/EDA) director is Nancy Hoffman, who last served in a similar role for Stearns County. She replaces Chris Eng who resigned to take another job in Duluth.

• Approved temporary road closures for Paradise Pride’s annual “Forward-A-Thon” event, which is set for Saturday, Sept. 8 from around 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

• Viewed another punch list of items yet to be done for the 4th Street turnback project. Jobs, from grading on Co. Rd. 30 shoulders to installing permanent signs, must be completed before the city can officially accept the final project.

• Councilor Michael Louzek publicly thanked the city employees who worked with and answered questions from the public during the 4th Street turnback project.

• Discussed the previously proposed water tower maintenance plan. Councilors will revisit the issue in the near future.

• Decided to revisit the previously proposed residential rental ordinance next spring.

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