School News: Be informed this election season

By Deb Henton, Ed.D.


As you may or not know yet, school board elections are this fall and six exceptional candidates have filed for three open seats on the school board.

Whether you are a parent/guardian, school district taxpayer, staff member, or a student with voting rights, the upcoming election and the impact the future school board will have on education here at NBAPS is significant. There are many issues, locally and globally, that will have profound ramifications for education in the next few years.

I encourage you to be as informed as possible this election season and keep this one thing in mind: What is best for our kids?

The upcoming school board will oversee millions in budget cuts made necessary by a flawed funding system. It will have to decide between maintaining a four-day week or cutting additional teachers and returning to a five-day week. It will negotiate contracts with employees, and become the captains of a ship sailing into the 21st century with a very precious cargo.

The stakes are high; many decisions made in the next few years will affect education here for decades.

Be informed. Know your candidates. Attend forums. Read election materials and, if unclear, call your candidates for clarification.

The school board members work for you, they are your voice. Thousands upon thousands of present and future children will be affected by their work. The decision you make in the voting booth will matter for the foreseeable future.

We have a great district, incredibly hard-working staff, and wonderful stakeholders. The school board is responsible for steering all of us in the right direction.

Get to know your school board candidates so you can feel confident in the voting booth this November.

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