Triple car thief nabbed in Washington County

Police have apprehended an 18-year-old man suspected of stealing three cars in Chisago County.

Washington County authorities arrested Jarred Jaymes Wood, no known address, in Hugo Aug. 12 after finding him behind the wheel of a vehicle stolen from Chisago City two days earlier.

When asked who owned the car, Wood reportedly told officers it was his cousin’s aunt’s vehicle, and he didn’t know the woman’s name, according to a criminal complaint.

After running the vehicle’s information, police confirmed it was stolen and took Wood into custody.

After interviewing Wood, the Lakes Area Police Department conducted a follow-up interview with his passenger.

The passenger of the vehicle told police Wood gave him the same story he relayed to authorities about the vehicle being his cousin’s aunt’s when Wood came to pick him up from his house, but when the two started cruising around Wood reportedly told him the car was the third vehicle he had stolen in the last couple of days.

The passenger said Wood told him he stole the car from Lindstrom, and he went on to say he stole another vehicle that ran out of gas or had battery problems.

Subsequently, Wood allegedly abandoned that vehicle.

Fleeing from police

On Aug. 10, a man believed to be Wood and a female passenger were stopped by an LAPD officer in a gas station parking lot in Lindstrom after making an illegal U-turn.

The officer told the man, who was outside of the vehicle, to stay where he was, but he started to reach inside the vehicle.

At the point, the officer drew her gun.

Subsequently, the man fled and made it out of sight of the officer.

The officer interviewed the passenger of the stolen vehicle, who said she had met “Jarred” about a month prior.

Recovered vehicles

In addition to the cars recovered at the Lindstrom gas station and in Hugo, authorities were able to track down the vehicle that had run out of gas or had some kind of mechanical trouble.

That car was found in Center City.

If convicted of all three theft of motor vehicle charges he’s facing, Wood could be sentenced to a maximum of 15 years in prison and $30,000 in fines, but penalties that severe likely wouldn’t be imposed.

Chisago County Attorney Janet Reiter said because of Wood’s minimal adult criminal history – he just recently turned 18 – Wood probably won’t face prison time.

“What would most likely happen is his prison time would be stayed and he might have to do local jail time and be subject to supervision by a probation officer after that,” she said. “With the sentencing guideline grid, in your typical theft of a motor vehicle (a defendant) would need to have several prior convictions to face prison time.”

Reiter said Wood is being held at the county jail on $30,000 unconditional bail or $5,000 with conditions, which include keeping the court informed of his address, abstaining from alcohol or drug use and agreeing to random drug testing.

Wood’s next court date is today.

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