Kindness at the laundromat

Spring Lake Lutheran Church members have made a yearly tradition of a Deliberate Act of Kindness in the North Branch community; a kind act done without expecting anything in return.

This year, members of the congregation decided to try an event they called “Laundry of Love.”  On Wednesday, Aug. 15 from 6-9 p.m., seven church members and the pastor, dressed in their red Spring Lake Lutheran Church ‘We Care’ T-shirts, met at the North Branch Laundromat.

With funds from the church’s “Offering for a Friend” account, six families, including one with several children, had their laundry expenses covered.

Many rolls of quarters were opened and placed in the machines being used by the customers.

One woman who had six loads of laundry paid for said, “It is awesome.”

The participating members thought the act of kindness was simple, fun to do and a very nice gesture for the families.  The church members plan to repeat this event in September.

Spring Lake Lutheran is located four miles west of North Branch or nine miles east of Cambridge on Highway 95, then one block north on Erickson Road.  For information, call the church office at 651-674-4606 or e-mail [email protected]

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