Foggy start of school

Photo by Derrick Knutson

– Thick fog greeted students on their way to the first day of school in the area, which leads to this reminder:

School is back in session!

Watch out for the children, especially those walking to school, and be aware of school bus stop arm laws.

School Bus Stop Arm Violation

According to Minnesota law, when a school bus is stopped on a street or highway and is displaying an extended stop-signal arm and flashing red lights, a person approaching the bus is required to stop their vehicle at least 20 feet away from the bus. The driver must not move their vehicle until the school bus stop-signal arm is retracted and the red lights stop flashing. Failure to do so is a crime.

It is also illegal to pass or attempt to pass a school bus on the right-hand, passenger-door side of the bus while the school bus is displaying the pre-warning flashing amber signals.

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