It’s ‘Running of the Meatballs’ time

A picture from the 2011 Running of the Meatballs event, which is held during Taco Daze in Scandia. Photo supplied

Look out for rolling meatballs during Taco Daze in Scandia on Sept. 8.

The second annual “Running of the Meatballs” event, planned to take place just before the Taco Daze Parade at 2:45 p.m., will raise funds for the restoration of the Ladugård (old barn) at Gammelgården Museum. The old barn is original to the farm property and was built in 1879 to be a three level structure.

The meatballs are numbered, and tickets are currently being sold that correspond to a “meatball.” They will be dropped from a specially built hopper at the top of Oakhill Road and race down a track to Meister’s Grill.

The first 10 meatballs funnel into a tube and are recorded for prizes. This year, the first prize is a summer week at a condo in the Utah Mountains ($1500 value). Other prizes include gift certificates to Gammelgården Museum’s events and Butik, Abrahamson’s Nursery, Ironwood Golf Range, Security State Bank and more.

Not only are there great prizes, but this is a terrific spectator event. It goes very quickly, and it’s certainly exciting to see thousands of meatballs running down the street.

Tickets can be purchased from the Gammelgården Museum Butik, Ironwood Golf Range, Security State Bank or on the day of the race from roving Gammelgården members wearing meatball headbands. Tickets are one entry for $5 or five for $20. Call 651-433-5053 or visit www.gammelgardenmuseum for more information.

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