Welcome back to school (slideshow)


It was a big day for students, families and school staff on Tuesday, the first day of the 2012-13 school year at Rush City and North Branch schools.

The yellow school busses were hard to see amid the fog as they rolled into Sunrise River Elementary School in North Branch. Some students sprinted off their bus toward the school, visibly excited to start a new school year. Other students took a slower approach into the building, and a few were accompanied into Sunrise by proud parents.

Kids also were excited to be back among friends and teachers Tuesday morning at C.E. Jacobson Elementary School in Rush City. Younger students cautiously walked off the bus, and returning students gathered in their usual circles. Teachers and administrators, including new Rush City High School principal Brent Stavig, welcomed everyone back for another year.

The back-to-school photos above were taken by Derrick Knutson (Sunrise River Elementary) and Jon Tatting (Rush City schools).

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