NB Boys & Girls Cross Country

The North Branch boys and girls cross country teams both took second place in the Pine City Invitational Thursday, Sept. 6. Kyle Crowell was the first Viking boy to cross the finish line, coming in 10th out of 72 competitors in the 5000m run. Jake Petrik placed 12th, Kyle Granger 17th, Alex Fitcha 26th , Josh Petrik 30th (new best personal time 20:38), Sam Peltier 49th and Noah Hubbard 52nd. Rhianna Rinke took first place (new personal best time 14:59) out of 73 runners in the 4000m race. Casey Hovland came in third, Cassidy White 18th, Alyssa Ramberg 29th, Claire Schraufnagel 39th, Laura Dolezalek 45th and Megan Piotrowski 53rd. The Vikings will host an invitational at North Branch Golf Course at 4 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 14. Following the team races, free of charge and open to all fans 1k and 2k fun runs will take place at the teams only home meet.

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