School News: We are honored

By Deb Henton, Ed.D. Superintendent

For the first time ever, the North Branch Area Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring an event for staff, and it touches all of us here at North Branch Area Public Schools.

The event is a staff appreciation open house on Wednesday, Sept. 19, from 4-6 p.m. in the high school commons. There will be refreshments and door prizes; all under the auspices of showing appreciation to the great staff we have assembled to serve the community.

The event is to show gratitude to school district staff, and that gratitude flows both ways.

Our business community does so much for our school district its hard to know where to begin. Business people from across our district volunteer their time to be with students.

They serve as classroom helpers, mentors, and employers for students in transition. They are some of the first people to call and say “how can we help?” when the district faces challenges.

It is local entrepreneurs that contact us with innovative ideas for efficiency and education, and local business people who take so much of their personal time to be ambassadors for North Branch Area Public Schools.

Yes, they will be here on the 19th to show their appreciation for us, and we so much appreciate the gesture…especially in the political climate we find ourselves in. But we will also be showing our appreciation for them in return.

The simple act of hosting this event speaks volumes about how much all of us at the school district and the community should appreciate our businesses and the people who run them.

To the Chamber and its members: Thank you. Thanks for taking the time to come and make our staff feel special, and for everything else you do that makes this community such a special place.

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