Senior center needs your help

To the editor:
At the Sept. 5 Chisago County meeting in Center City three of the five commissioners (Ben, George and Rick) voted not to fund the Chisago County Senior/Community Center in North Branch for the year 2013 yet they decided to fund the Historical Society and the Fair Board.
Are not our Seniors just as important?  Where are our funds to come from?  How can we keep our great center open without their help?  Seniors and citizens of Chicago County let’s get behind our center and contact these commissioners and let them know how this will affect you now and in the future and how very important their funding is.  If we have to close the doors as Ben has said many times, where would you be able to go to get all the Center offers?
Our fundraisers consist of the Expo, craft sale, Christmas party, dances, spaghetti dinner, defensive driving, raffles and coming up a chicken dinner on Oct. 10.
Our coordinator (Dawn) and her assistant (Jess) do a fantastic job in keeping this Center open and have taken a pay cut and they work many more hours after regular house and at home without extra pay.  We are fortunate to have them.
I wonder how often these commissioners attended a Senior Center board meeting or actually spent any time observing what this Center is all about.  Dawn has presented herself many time to the Chisago County Board employing them to continue our funding but to no avail.
Everyone, please get on board as we desperately need your help.

Grace Schwaab

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