Twisted facts

To the editor:
Representative Bob Barrett’s recent e-mail news release about the flood relief package for Duluth and other areas in Minnesota damaged by catastrophic storms highlights what kind of leader Bob Barrett is.
In the news release he credits the Republican-led Legislature for having enough money in the Rainy Day fund and the reserves to cover the costs of the flood relief package. The trouble with this claim is that the only reason that money was available in Rainy Day fund was because Governor Dayton vetoed Republican legislation to pay back the 2011 school shift with the fund. How do I know this? Well Barrett has in on the front of his lit piece, attacking Dayton for believing it is irresponsible to use cash on hand to pay off debt.
I think you are the irresponsible one Rep. Barrett. Not only would those funds not have been available if YOUR legislation had not been vetoed, but to so blatantly twist facts, and speak out of both sides of your mouth is telling. There is way too much of this in politics today, and we don’t need it in Chisago County. Tell the truth, stand by your record, and if you can’t do that what are you running for? We deserve better.

Greg Combs
North Branch

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