Words only as good as actions

To the editor:
Words are only as good as the actions that back them up. No matter what former liberal senator and current house candidate Rick Olseen says, we can judge his actions. He voted to raise the state income tax. He voted to raise taxes on job-creating businesses.
He voted to raise property taxes. Then he voted to spend the money even beyond what Minnesota could afford and when he was finally removed from office he left Minnesota with a $6.2 billion deficit.
He claims he will invest in our schools but his votes show that he tows the line with urban school interests at the cost of Chisago schools. His website says he is the hometown voice but his actions show he is more loyal to Minneapolis special interests and Gov. Dayton’s spending binges.
On the other hand Rep. Bob Barrett promised to reduce excessive government spending, keeping the state living within its means, and not raise taxes.
Bob helped turn that $6.2 billion deficit into a $1.2 billion surplus. Bob worked to get laws passed that tangibly help our schools. Even with Dayton working against them, Bob and the Republican controlled legislature got those reforms passed.
Bob Barrett deserves our vote because he kept his word and Chisago County has cut unemployment levels almost in half because of it.

Mark Thelander
North Branch

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