Treasure hunt begins: Clue #3 added

In North Branch, Fall Harvest Festival is upon us and along with all the other activities is a treasure hunt. Starting today there will be five clues to help you locate the treasure shown here.

The successful treasure hunter will win a $250 gift card from North Branch County Market and pizza for a year from Domino’s Pizza.

Activities include the Art and Craft fair in Central Park Saturday, the Scarecrow Stampede 5K and drooling over the “oldies but goodies” at the Classic Car Show at Anderson & Koch Ford.

New this year, enjoy the Snowmobile & Motor Sports Swap hosted by the North Branch Sno-Drifters. Check out for the daily clues and schedule of activities for Fall Harvest Festival.

Treasure Hunt Clue

Clue #1 (of 5 clues)

It is always a pleasure

Looking for a Treasure

On a fine

Fall Harvest day

It’s all about the games and fair play!

I will not be hiding in any of the following spaces

So please, don’t disturb any of these pretty places

Gardens and flowers of any kind, would not be clever

And never in any water what-so-ever.

Let’s just cut to the chase

Finding me will take some pace

Directions, numbers, compass and a keen eye

Will help you catch this easy pop fly.

Clue #2 (of 5 clues)

Such a great spot that you play hide and seek with thee

Baskets, helmets, swings and squares all speak to me

But why, where, and how in this moonscape

Could a treasure so easily just dissipate

Euros has it right

West of 35 is a plight

27 and 28 will shed some light

The question is, just how bright?

Clue #3 (of 5 clues)

By now you should be able to see some of the Corn

The farmers here will not have to scorn

2 Oaks and an Ash are very close to me

A ternion of trilogy they form for you to see

By choosing the right path and story

You can see Tethys rising in all her grand and glory

And not to be forgotten, the Runestone Carvers

Have done a good job of providing their Markers

If you are still lost in translation

You can have some elation

Because Boreas was wrong as well

Nothing above 95 can help you spell

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