Some unemployment news to share

To the Editor:

The county unemployment rate just came out and the great news is it went down to 5.8 percent from 6.2 percent in July. The employment numbers for the last two years should be contrasted with same months numbers for 2006-2010 because they demonstrate the incompetence of Rick Olseen during the four years he was State Senator; 1,018 people were unemployed the August prior to him getting elected (August 2006) and this increased to 2,422 the August prior to him being booted out (August 2010).

The unemployment rate more than doubled during his tenure and the number of unemployed increased 240 percent. In the last two years the legislature implemented reforms that have effectively reversed the awful economic impact of Olseen’s final two years in office.

Representative Bob Barrett deserves some credit for this improvement in jobs for the middle class. Bob has shown he cares about the state economy and excessive government spending because a good economy results in good jobs. Making Minnesota a great place to live, work and raise families is what Bob Barrett is all about. Finally, some good news.

 Jason Carroll

North Branch

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