A true friend of education

To the Editor:

Education is a key to our economic recovery, as is a balanced budget. Rep. Bob Barrett’s campaign literature is misleading at best, if not deceptive. First, the state’s budget is required to be balanced; he is not responsible for it. It was the economic policies of Tim Pawlenty, echoed by Barrett, that led to the deficits and the underfunding of education in Minnesota and to the fact that 95 percent of the residents of Chisago County experienced a property tax increase. Barrett is no friend of education. The so-called special interest group that he identifies that supports Olseen is our teachers.  Take a look at the special interests groups that support Barrett. Look at his votes to abuse the State Constitution with divisive issues, rather than help create jobs. When you study the issues, Olseen will work to represent all people, while Barrett contributes to the divisiveness in our community and is part of the gridlock that has contributed to the economic problems of Chisago and the state.

Robert G. Walz, North Branch

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