Keep government out of lunches

To the Editor:

I have been noticing in the paper and on the Internet recently that students in our high schools across the nation have been complaining about the food being offered for their lunches. I have read that students have been smuggling in and selling chocolate syrup shots just to help give them a sugar boost.

I think about our sons and daughters who go to school early in the morning to work out to try and keep in shape for sports and health, and then I read about them only being given 850 calories worth of food for lunch.  I think it is deplorable that so little attention is paid to the size, gender and general eating habits of those students who have already burned up more calories than you and I eat in a day before their first class.

I volunteer at a grade school and sometimes will eat the lunch offered by the school. What makes Michelle Obama and big government think they know better what our kids should eat? Aren’t you tired of bureaucrats and Limousine Liberal, Big Government Democrats taking your hard earned tax money and then using it to tell you how to live your life? They don’t trust you to make the right decisions and that’s why government just gets bigger and bigger when they are in charge. Democrats need to be defeated before they take away all our freedoms.

Donna Burch, Rush City

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