Olseen drove budget into the ditch

To the Editor:

When Rick Olseen was in the senate he drove our state’s budget into the ditch in so many ways. Green Acres law raised taxes on agricultural land in the district and further hurt farmers because of him. He voted for higher gas taxes, higher sales taxes, higher property taxes and year after year of state budget deficits. Chisago County had extremely high unemployment while he was senator.

Instead of having over 3,000 Chisago County residents out of work as we had for too long when Olseen was in office we now have less than 1900 people out of work. Instead of a Chisago County unemployment rate above 11 percent as we had when Olseen was thrown out of office, we now have an unemployment rate of 6 percent (July 2012). Instead of the $6.2 billion budget deficit that Olseen and the liberal democrats left us with, Bob Barrett turned it into a $1.2 billion surplus.

People want the American Dream, to own a home, have a good job, raise their family in peace and prosperity. If the last two years progress is any indication, Bob Barrett is taking us in that direction. His heart is there for middle class families and the above facts prove it.

Jim Lentz, Stacy

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