Polaris expansion is good news

To the Editor:

The great news that Polaris is expanding in Wyoming means more local jobs. The latest 5.8-percent unemployment rate is heading in the right direction and we can thank Rep. Bob Barrett for working on that. When we elected Bob in 2010 Chisago County unemployment was over 10-percent and Bob’s opponent, Rick Olseen, was our senator during that time of high unemployment. He voted to prohibit business growth through the successful Jobs Opportunity Building Zone (JOBZ) program. A program to help Chisago County create more jobs, including jobs at Kendall Howard, Anderson Windows and Polaris.

Fortunately, most legislators disagreed with Olseen and the bill was not killed, but it did teach us that Olseen can’t deliver on job creation and companies like Polaris can celebrate expansion but Bob Barrett’s opponent won’t be invited to celebrate.

In just two years in office, Bob Barrett helped cut unemployment almost in half and he held the line on job killing regulations and taxes. The Polaris expansion means things are looking up for Chisago County.

Stacy Pearson, Lindstrom

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