Let’s grade the elected officals

To the editor
It seems that our elected officials are continually asking to grade anyone who works in the public arena, especially our fine public school teachers.  Let’s apply that logic to our local elected officials Rep. Cravaack, Sen. Nienow, and Rep. Barrett.  First, one must show up.  Cravaack doesn’t even live here and Nienow and Barrett contributed to closing the doors of government earlier this year.  All have let us know they couldn’t pass middle school science based on their positions on our environment, climate change, and health care issues.  Students who don’t have answers often just ramble on to distract, hoping that something will get them points.   I think of the amendments on same sex marriage and voter ID-two solutions in search of a problem.  The biggest smokescreen is the constant talk of taxes being too high and public deficits even though the facts out weigh every argument I’ve heard, especially from our higher elected official Cravaack.   A small amount of research will show the erroneous thinking here. Friends and neighbors, we have been supporting elected officials whose grades vary from failed, to incomplete, and should suffer detention time for skipping.  Have they actually produced a single thing that we’ve requested from them?  I find no evidence of this.  I know it’s not easy to work in the public sector but these folks have really been given just too many chances.
Vote on Nov. 6 for Rick Nolan for U.S. House, Jeske Noordergraff for Minnesota Senate, and Rick Olseen for Minnesota House.  These folks have proven track records of supporting Minnesota values either in their daily lives as well as in past public service positions.  They know firsthand that a strong middle class is the way to make things better, that real wealth comes from our environment, and that research and education are key to a successful future.  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind they will work to serve us and not rigidly adhere to a party doctrine or the moneyed interests that push their unwanted ideas.

Dann Adair
North Branch

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