School News: Homecoming brings us together

I just came from the Friday pep rally at the high school and there was such energy in the gym!

Homecoming is a wonderful time of year. As I gazed out into the sea of red and black, I thought about how nice it is to see all of our high school students rallying to a common cause. The enthusiasm on display was heartwarming and exciting.

It has been an incredible Homecoming week here at NBAPS, with theme days, lots of school spirit everywhere you look, a wonderful parade; capped off with the great American tradition of Friday football. Tonight, we will also enjoy a great Minnesota tradition, playing in cold weather. Though, I somehow doubt that even the suddenly freezing temperatures can dampen the enthusiasm of our kids.

There are currently two ways you can harness that enthusiasm for the benefit of our students.

Become part of the Spread the Red campaign and tell us on video what you think is great about North Branch Area Public Schools. Go to: and read about Spread the Red, a district-wide campaign to “get out the word” about how great our schools are.

Or, go to Givemn at: and show your support for NBAPS with a donation. You can even pick the school or program that you most would like to support. Givemn is a foray into e-philanthropy launched by the Minnesota Community Foundation in 2009, and provides a secure way for philanthropic individuals to support their favorite causes.

While you are there, please note there are many worthy local causes beyond the school district to choose from.

I hope you will consider Spread the Red or Givemn, or both! School districts and the communities they serve are linked in too many ways to count.  There is no better example of that than the spirit of cooperation and exuberance of Homecoming week.

— Deb Henton is superintendent of North Branch Area School District 138.

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