‘Vote no or leave it blank’

To the editor
Voters have three choices when they go to the polls and vote on the marriage amendment: Vote “No,” Vote “Yes” or leave it blank.
I think we all know someone that is gay in our community. I have a daughter that is gay, has two children and is in a lesbian relationship with a Lutheran minister. She is a wonderful mom and very intelligent woman. She has a PhD in physics, considerable post-doctorate education, she’s a Christian, and is employed at a major health care facility. She tried traditional marriage, but wasn’t attracted to men and as a result it didn’t work out. She would like to be able to make the case that she is entitled to be married to the person she loves and that our grandchildren are entitled to have their mom and the person she loves, married, rather than cohabitating.
So I ask you to do no harm: to either vote no or if you are not convinced that gay couples should be married, then to leave it blank. If this amendment is defeated, it at least allows the discussion to continue.
This is an issue of religious freedom. Many religions believe that God created all people, some with a same gender orientation. They believe that it is right and necessary in the eyes of God to bless those marriages. Nothing would be changed by voting NO or leaving it blank; State Law limits marriage to heterosexual couples. If the existing law is changed or determined to discriminate against gays, those religions that hold that marriage should be limited to heterosexual couples, would not be required to marry them. More importantly, those that hold marriage is between two people that love each other who want to make a life-long commitment; would not be prohibited from marrying them.
Before you vote, I encourage you to have a conversation with a gay person, a parent of a gay, or to contact Minnesotans United for All Families or Catholics Vote No, to reflect and pray on this question.

Robert G. Walz
North Branch

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