An effective representative

To the Editor:

Bob Barrett is an authentic representative of parents, families and small businesses. The contrast is clear. His opponent is part of the Democrat machine that votes to benefit Minneapolis special interests and Bob’s opponent’s voting record as a senator proves Chisago County comes second to that.

Bob’s opponent promises to close the funding gap that exists because of his party. Bob is already doing the work his opponent promises but never delivered. Bob’s opponent had a chance to close the funding gap when he was a senator. Where was his bill? Bob Barrett introduced a bill that benefits low funded schools like we have in Chisago County and the North Branch School Board has endorsed Bob’s legislation.

Bob’s opponent promises to make college affordable again but when he was a senator he voted against a 3 percent tuition limit for the University of Minnesota (2007 amendment). Bob’s opponent can make all the promises he wants to but the facts prove we have effective representation right now. Bob Barrett sits on the Education Committee, his opponent did not. Bob increased funding to our schools and passed reforms that benefit all students.

The choice is clear, a vote for Bob Barrett is a vote for prosperous families and businesses in Chisago County and across the state.

Bruce Spangler, Wyoming

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