An enthusiastic supporter of Robinson

To the Editor:

I’m an enthusiastic Mike Robinson supporter. Mike has been our county commissioner for the past 12 years. Mike is a leader who gets things done.

I remember when Rick Smisson was the mayor of Harris. In 2007, Rick led the city to build a water and wastewater treatment facility. The end result after operating for five years is expensive water and sewer bills for the residents.

Everyone’s property taxes have increased to pay for the water and wastewater facilities, even for those who have their own wells and septic systems and who cannot use city services.

The city’s budget has been drastically cut to make payments on the new facilities. We have seen our city go backwards as a result of Mr. Smisson’s tenure. If you’re interested, talk to city officials and people living in Harris to get their take on how things are going since Rick Smisson was the mayor of Harris.

But you do have a choice. Check out Mike’s enviable record of dedication, hard work and positive results for the county. I have and I know who I’m voting for in November.

Larry Nelson, Harris

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