Barrett works for long-term solutions

To the Editor:

I saw a mailing from Bob Barrett’s opponent and I had to chuckle. The opponent skips over his four failed years in the Minnesota Senate, when unemployment rose to over 11 percent in our county, and tries to claim his (Olseen’s) prior work as a county commissioner” facilitated major job growth in Chisago County.” What Bob’s opponent can’t admit is that he (Olseen) voted for a bill that prohibited businesses from entering into the Jobs Opportunity Building Zone (JOBZ) after May 2008. That was a job killing vote for his hometown.

Bob Barrett’s opponent also claims he wants to restore the Homestead Credit which was a broken system that failed to reach its target 9 out of the past 10 years. The reason a DFL governor and GOP legislature changed the Homestead Credit to a market value exclusion, based on the recommendations of the counties and cities associations, is because Rick Olseen and his DFL friends had been shortchanging counties and cities by underfunding this program and counties could no longer rely on it.

Bob Barrett works for long-term solutions that result in good paying jobs for Minnesota and our home town cities. Barrett has a 100 percent rating from the National Federation of Independent Businesses because he cares about people and their success in business and in life.

Jason Carroll, Almelund

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