Election is about the power of government

To the Editor:

This election is primarily about the power of government, whether we begin to reverse the Democrat practice of buying votes (taking from you and giving to others).  Think cell phones, loan forgiveness, cash by way of the Earned Income Credit; the list is long and accelerating.  I could also write about free speech, self defense, forced unionization of child care providers, et al.; but that is for another letter.

If you approve the notion of taking your money by force (it’s called taxation) and giving that money to a person with less, your answer is the Democrats.  The politics of envy (it’s called Marxism) is who the Democrats are; it’s what the Democrats do.

If you approve the notion of being responsible for you and yours and limiting government to it’s powers enumerated in our Constitution, your choice is clear.  Vote for those who stand for America as founded, and therefore far-far reduced government intrusion; as a practical matter this means vote Republican.

Locally, to build on the work started in 2011 by our Republican legislature, we must reelect Bob Barrett and Sean Nienow.  Otherwise we go back to the failure of pre-2011, evidenced most prominently by the Democrat’s $6.2 Billion dollar deficit which led to the Democrats being thrown out in the last election. Barrett and Nienow have without doubt demonstrated that they understand what is at stake and can be relied upon to continue accordingly.

David Hardin, Lent

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