Nienow defends the middle class

To the Editor:

Senator Sean Nienow has proven to be a knowledgeable leader defending the middle class who’ll be hit hardest by Obamacare taxes.

Senator Nienow understands the complex Medicaid system and has worked the last two years uncovering massive waste, abuse, and potential fraud. Nienow’s dedicated persistence resulted in Governor Dayton finally agreeing that Nienow was right and there needs to be audits going back 10 years. This is a significant development that could return hundreds of million of dollars to the state and save billions in the years that come.

Nienow’s opponent couldn’t possibly get up to speed fast enough about the serious health care issues in Minnesota and the public programs that are consuming upwards of 35 percent of our state budget. At this crucial time we need an expert, an experienced leader who will stand up to members of both parties who get in the way of true accountability and transparency in Minnesota’s Medicaid program, a program that serves Minnesota’s poor.

With hard economic decisions looming ahead on the national level, we need Sean in the Minnesota Senate to make sure our programs are sound, efficient and actually get help to the people they are designed to help. Anyone who knows him can see his heart for the children, the disabled, those struggling to make it in life. He has held firm to his promises to the taxpayers and small businesses. He broke open what others had tried to uncover for the past six years. Great job, Sean!

Bonnie Holte, Harris

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