‘Scripture never defines marriage’

To the Editor:

Supporters say “God made Adam and Eve” and this somehow interprets into “God’s will” that “marriage” is only between one man and one woman.

Scripture never “defines” marriage as only between one man and one woman nor does it contain the word “marriage.” Supporters choose to use this creation story for their logic and “Biblical definition of marriage” only because it fits their self-righteous way of definition. Using this same foolish logic, I argue that incestuous relationships are “God’s will,” because how do you think Adam and Eve’s family were fruitful and multiplied? Scriptures repeatedly say that God not only condoned but also blessed the union of men with multiple wives. I guess that means that it’s “God’s will” that we advocate polygamy. Point being, stop taking select verses and trying to define something as “God’s will” while ignoring the true meaning of the Scriptures.

It’s said that “Marriage” is about procreation that provides a legal framework that strengthens that union for the benefit of all. But the law allows prisoners to marry while never being released, has no bar against elderly couples getting married, imposes no fertility requirements on prospective marriage partners and considers long-term childless marriages equal to others.

Gay people have been treated horribly in our society. They have been marginalized, ostracized and abused, but unlike others that have suffered such fates, many are unable to seek solace with members of their own communities and in some cases, even their own families. That’s why we are voting no and encourage everyone to do the same.

Darrell and Sheree Vincent, Wyoming

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