‘We need better representation’

To the Editor:

Sean Nienow says he is proud of the work he did last session. Do you remember the state shutdown? Senator Nienow thought it right to take his pay even though thousands of workers throughout the state (not just state employees) were forced out of work. Do you remember the special session to allocate funds to the Duluth area to provide aid in the recovery from the worst flooding ever? Senator Nienow voted against helping this community. I guess if there is nothing in it for Nienow the rest of us are just outta luck. We need better representation and I hope you will look at Jeske Noordergraaf. Noordergraaf will work as hard representing our interests as she has as a town supervisor and business owner. We are fortunate to have Jeske Noordergraaf on the ballot!

Susan Thompson, Lindstrom

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