Authentic, compassionate leadership

To the editor:

Rep. Bob Barrett is a compassionate and responsible leader in the Minnesota House of Representatives. There is no doubt about his commitment to Minnesota’s families. Anyone with children in sports has likely seen Bob’s dedication to authentic leadership through officiating local sports activities and mentoring kids.

His leadership shows in the State Legislature as well, where he authored a bill to bring additional funding to low funded schools such as Chisago County’s. His legislation is endorsed by the North Branch School Board. Bob’s opponent promises to make school funding more fair to Chisago County, but what is better, promises or results? Bob Barrett is getting results. What’s more, Bob has the support of his party whereas his opponent will have to go up against his own party to get anything accomplished for Chisago County Schools, a fight he was not successful at when he was in the Minnesota Senate.

Chisago County needs authentic leadership like we have in Rep. Barrett. Bob is actively involved in the lives of our young people and has been for years. His opponent is not. Chisago County voters made a wise choice in 2010 when they voted Bob Barrett to represent them. He’s proven he is worthy of their vote again and we can all feel good about casting it on Nov. 6 to re-elect an authentic leader, Bob Barrett.

Elise Hiljas


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