Barrett should stop pointing his finger

to the editor

I am writing today after I saw Rep. Barrett on Channel 5 News. He was talking about the construction of the split pairs in Lindstrom and how the businesses in Lindstrom didn’t get the kind of help for their businesses that businesses along University Avenue got for the light rail project.

It struck me that he’s our representative and maybe instead of pointing his finger at big, bad St. Paul and Minneapolis, he could have walked 100 feet through the tunnel and gone to the Minnesota Department of Transportation and worked to get the business in Lindstrom More money.

The pattern is familiar because this is exactly what he says about big bad Minneapolis and St. Paul schools, again he could have gone to the Minnesota Department of Education and worked to get more money for our area’s schools. I understand that he did a bill to help get more money for underfunded schools, yet he didn’t meet the bill deadline so the bill didn’t go forward.

This pattern of pointing blame doesn’t become a representative and really does nothing to solve education under funding in Minnesota. We need a representative who works on real solutions to problems instead of pointing fingers.


Pat Rich

Chisago City

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