‘Check the facts with Smisson’

To the editor:

Voters are strongly encouraged to check the facts and statistics regarding the City of Harris during the tenure of Rick Smisson when he served as the mayor of Harris. When Smisson’s term was up as mayor, the council was forced to seek options for the financial state of the city, and even sought the option of bankruptcy, which was discussed ruing a public hearing on July 19, 2010 after seeking advice from the League of Minnesota Cities. There are countless citizens of Harris who are forced to pay for the water and wastewater treatment facility who have their own private wells and septic systems who cannot afford to be paying for a service that they are not even utilizing, which is an added burden to citizens who are struggling financially in this economy. Smisson stated his intentions very clearly at the League of Women’s Voter’s forum, when he stated that his political intention was to “get in and out as county commissioner.” And, in the opinion of many present, he conveyed nothing about his concerns to act on behalf or represent the interest of the citizens. Please vote wisely, our financial future is in jeopardy. Mike Robinson is the experienced man for the job looking out for our future.

Lisa Jorgenson


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