Cravaack – Nolan Debate

To the editor:

While attending the Chip Cravaack – Rick Nolan debate at the Cambridge Community College on Oct. 16, I was impressed with Nolan’s ability to repeatedly utter the phrase “billionaires and millionaires” in the context of a class warfare-based solution to the federal government’s impending insolvency.   What Nolan was not willing to say was that taxing “billionaires and millionaires” cannot prevent insolvency, as stating such would cease to give the liberal cause rationale for not making any changes to government spending.

According to recent IRS data, Americans reported $8 trillion in adjusted gross income for year 2010.  Those making a million or more in AGI accounted for only 10.6 percent, or $848 billion, of the total AGI, of which the government took $195 billion in taxes.    Even if you doubled the tax take from these folks, you would not have much impact on the government’s annual deficit of $1.2 trillion.  This is pretty simple math, but liberals believe the public is too lazy and stupid to work the numbers.  And they are right.

T. Boone Pickens is one of the richest men in the U.S., being worth $1.2 billion.  If you converted his wealth to cash for redistribution to 330 million math-challenged Americans, each would get $3.63.  Ask liberal politicians to verify this math.  Find out if they have a lack of math skills or a lack of intellectual honesty.   Either way, we should not give them our vote.

Representative Chip Cravaack showed a sense of urgency to resolve our fiscal crisis.   Chip felt that not doing so would be a dereliction of duty.   And he is right.   Chip has moved beyond denial and onto acceptance.   It is people like Chip who will fix our problems.    We do not have the time to deal with liberal elites stuck in denial.   Spread the word.  Vote Chip Cravaack for 8th District U.S. Representative.


Michael Chopp

North Branch

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