House or home?

To the editor:

I’d like to discuss my deep concern about the U.S.  8th Congressional District race and the Minnesota House District 32B race.  Though both of the Republicans in these races report that they live in a house in their district, we all know that a house is not a home.

You may recall that just six months after becoming our congressman, Chip Cravaak surprised and disappointed his constituents when he chose to purchase a home in
New Hampshire and move his entire family away from the 8th district. His place in New Hampshire is where his family lives. It’s where his kids go to school and to church. It’s where he invests his community efforts. New Hampshire is Cravaak’s home — and it’s over 1,400 miles away from Minnesota’s 8th.

How can Chip Cravaack possibly expect to represent our district? Conversely, Cravaack’s Democratic opponent, former Congressman Rick Nolan,  has his home, his heart and his presence in our district.   He has lived in this area for over 67 years, his family having lived in this district for 4 generations. His vast experience in the Congress means he already “knows the ropes” and will be able to hit the ground running, continuing his demonstrated commitment to improving the lives of all citizens in the 8th District.

Like Cravaack, unfortunately, there are other Republicans running in this area who lack homes in our district. After redistricting, Republican Bob Barrett would have had to run against another Republican in 39A, the district where he keeps his home. Rather than do that, he has chosen to temporarily rent a house in my district, 32B, and try his luck in another place. Contrast that with his opponent, Rick Olseen, who has lived in the same home in my district for 27 years.  Rick’s heart and his presence are right here in my district.

Tessa Hill

North Branch

  • Why?

    Why would anyone believe such a cheap shot about Chip Cravaack who is currently serving a 2 year term in office?
    Should we also believe that he will remain in New Hampshire if not re-elected?

  • Larry Bacon

    Congressman Cravaack was working in the 8th District in Mn. 164 days in 2011. He voted in Washington,D.C. 139 days in 2011 and worked elsewhere on 19 days in 2011. That gave him a whopping — 43 days off in 2011. Let’s see for the normal working Joe and Jane just getting weekends off is 104 days off. Besides, if Chip didn’t live in North Branch, then I guess Chisago County owes him his real-estate taxes back. Come on people let’s get to the issues. Oh yeah, Nolan can’t run on issues.

  • Susan Anderson

    As far as I’m concerned, regardless of politics, I want my elected officials to have a stake in the districts they represent. The reality is Rep. Cravaack’s family does not live here anymore. He has no stake in anything in the 8th district. Schools, health care, employment-anything. You can own a house anywhere and pay taxes on the property, it does not make you a resident. It does not inform you on issues or what is important to the people living there. If Chip wants to be congressmen, he should run where he and his family have a stake in outcomes of policies he supports-or wants to eliminate. Bottom line, that is not Minnesota’s 8th district.