‘In too much financial danger to elect democrats’

To the editor:

America is in too much financial danger and the risk of those dangers coming to Minnesota is too great to risk it on the liberal democrat candidates who will all to easily rubber stamp the failed liberal policies of the past and Gov. Dayton’s irresponsible spending. The federal government has proven that you just can’t keep spending money that our childrens’ children will have to pay back.

Gov. Dayton and the liberal democrat leadership in the Legislature do not understand this. The worst thing we could do is give them total control over the state’s checkbook and the taxpayers money. Bob Barrett and Sean Nienow are on the people’s side and are best qualified to handle the unique challenges Minnesota is going to face next year.

These guys know how to tap into the treasure of innovative ideas to solve Minnesota’s problems. They have made progress for Minnesota in the last two years and they have the experience with the process and the issues to build on that progress for our benefit.

We need Barrett and Nienow’s experience to stand for the middle class because the national financial problem threatens Minnesota’s essential services. They will provide the financial guidance to protect and make more efficient the programs we have to help our struggling families get back on their feet while creating a climate that gets everyone back to work.

Ray Van Zant


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