Johnson not showing up a concern

To the editor:

I was at a forum put on by Generation Joshua STORM last week at the Minnco building in Cambridge. Brian Johnson, a candidate for the open House Seat in District 32A didn’t even bother showing up, and that concerns me.

Candidates have very few forums, and these forums are one of the few opportunities voters have to speak with the candidates and hear their stances. Paul Gammel and Paul Bergley made time to show up and talk about the issues, why couldn’t Brian?

We need a strong representative who is able to step forward, be seen, speak his mind, and is willing to take other’s thoughts and values into consideration when representing our community. I was impressed with what I heard from Paul Gammel, and he has earned my support. Paul is a compassionate and committed candidate who will work hard for our jobs, our children, our Senior Citizens and our Veterans. He will work hard to bring real solutions to the problems we are facing in our state and community. I urge you to vote for Paul Gammel on November 6th.


Robin Dial


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