Olseen votes with the Democratic machine

to the editor

Risk Olseen says he voted for Jobz as a Chisago County Commissioner.  Then, while he was a senator, he voted to de-fund it.  What this shows is that Olseen will vote any way the Democratic machine tells him to. Olseen just can’t stand up to the powerful special interest groups that run his party. Olseen gave Chisago County the shaft!

I can’t believe Rick Olseen has the nerve to complain that Republicans delayed payment to the schools to balance the budget when he himself did the very same thing in 2010 for more to the tune of 2 billion dollars! Republicans were forced to do this by Governor Dayton’s government shut down which Dayton used to coerce legislators to accept Dayton’s 5 billion dollar spending increases. The school “shift” was part of a compromise that ended the shut down. Republicans didn’t want to do it and their bill to set things straight got vetoed.

In spite of Dayton’s tricks, Republican leaders succeeded in reducing wasteful spending. Now, the $6.2 billion deficit Olseen and his kind left Minnesota with is a $1.2 billion surplus. Thank you to our representatives, Senator Sean Neinow and Representative Bob Barrett for doing the job we sent you to the legislature to do. Let’s send Senator Nienow and Representative Barrett back to the legislature again so they can reduce wasteful spending even more this time around!

Lynda Risch


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