Time in Senate was not ‘failed years’

To the editor:

I appreciate the opportunity to respond to Jason Carroll’s letter in your paper last week. His claim that the four years I served in the State Senate were failed years, yet each year the budget was balanced and we raised school funding and money to nursing homes. In 2008 our state, nation and world economy literarily collapsed yet working and compromising with then Governor Pawlenty the state’s budget was balanced.

As a Chisago County Commissioner I did vote to approve the Anderson Window and Polaris Job-Z proposals, I’m proud to see the Polaris recent ground breaking to double the facility and the work force growing to 600 great jobs. I voted for the Senator Rosen amendment to Senate File 2074 the Omnibus Tax bill to preserve and expand JOB-Z and also voted against the Omnibus Tax bill in 2009.

Mr. Carroll’s is correct it’s my number one priority to reinstate the Homestead Credit. When Representative Barrett voted to end the Homestead Credit and Renter’s Credit Chisago County saw some of the highest property tax increases in the State. Replacing the Homestead Credit with the Exclusion, it becomes a local shift home owner’s that fall in the category that they might pay less raise property taxes on everyone else with area businesses seeing some of the highest increases.

It is my belief that a legislator should represent the people-not the associations lobbying. And to me, knowing that the home-owners, farmers, and business owners of Chisago County would be hit the hardest, would out weight any association’s recommendation.


Rick Olseen

House candidate 

District 32B  

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