Voting for Olseen

to the editor

I’m voting for Rick Olseen for the House in District 32B. I’ve seen his flyer with his top priorities. Number one is to reinstate the Homestead Credit and Renter’s Credit that Rep. Barrett and Senator Nienow voted to take away, causing many homeowners and businesses to see dramatic increases in their property taxes across Chisago County.

Rick is also committed to pay back the school shift and work towards alternative ways of funding operating levies so school districts like ours that have low tax capacity will have less of a property tax burden if voters approve operating levies.

Rick will work for honest budget solutions and not push the state into a government shutdown because the Legislature can’t get its work done on time or are unwilling to compromise with the governor. Rick has demonstrated his ability to work with the other party. While in the Senate, the Legislature worked with then Governor Pawlenty and had balanced budgets and no shutdowns. Unlike when Senator Nienow was in the Senate in 2005, and in 2011 when both Senator Nienow and Rep Barrett shutdown Minnesota for the longest State shutdown in our nation’s history.

Honest budgets to Rick means not borrowing against future tobacco settlement money for 737 million dollars with total cost over the 20 year bonds of over 1.2 billion dollars. Rep Barrett and Senator Nienow borrowed this money as part of the budget solution last year, which seems like Washington politics to me. These are just some of the reasons I’m voting for Rick Olseen.

Cheryl Oquist  

North Branch

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