Walker could have avoided property tax increases

To the editor:

Democrat campaign literature claims “Walker Cuts Taxes.”  Where?  When?  All you hear about is the $1.6 million property tax increase in 2012, which the Democrats are claiming, falsely, that the Republicans caused by changing the State Homestead Credit to the County Homestead Exclusion, and which Democrat Governor Dayton signed into law.

Lora Walker could have easily avoided that property tax increase by either:

1) using monies from the County’s $26.1 million unreserved fund balance, which the State Auditor      reports “is available for spending at the County’s discretion”, or

2) using monies the county received in local government aid, or

3) cutting spending from the county’s budget.

Walker did not advocate for 1), 2), or 3), above, or any combination.  Instead, in December 2011 Walker just signed off on the $1.6 million property tax increase.

And Walker had nine months notice this was coming.  In March 2011 the lobbyist for the Minnesota Inter-County Association and on behalf of the Association of Minnesota Counties testified at the Legislature concerning changing to the Exclusion, and, incidentally, testified in favor of making the change.

Instead of voting for more of the same, we should instead elect Darrel Trulson to be our next District 1 Commissioner with the expectation that Mr. Trulson will do better, such as reversing that $1.6 million property tax increase.  We clearly have nothing to lose (except more of our money).

David Hardin


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