Who are the NB candidates?

To the editor:

Who/what are the people who have been on the Council for many, many years? By that I mean what are their personal  accomplishments?

For mayor: Ron Lindquist, an interesting, often arbitrary gentleman who runs a successful business, has strong council leadership experience in the old City of Branch and for the past two years.

Lindquist has served as a North Branch City Councilperson. Lindquist has been a vocal advocate for cutting the city budget by reducing costs.

Kirstin Kennedy: A newcomer to city politics who filed as a mayoral candidate two years ago and did nothing to campaign.

Kennedy has announced some of her ideas/ideals to improve life in this great little town. She only wants to spend more!

For city council: Incumbent Theresa Furman; the lady who has for many years asked very hard, pointed questions of the city administrator, finance director, mayor. Furman is an anomaly on the council.

Joyce Borchardt; is a multiple business owner with her husband; they own Bullseye Range, Self-Storage and Oakwood Court.

Borchardt also serves on the City EDA. The increased property taxes, due to the huge debt this City has, has been instrumental in motivating her to run for Council. As a business owner she knows firsthand how hard tax increases affect the financial success of a business.

Emil Dahlberg; Former Public Works Director; Chisago County. an engineer by trade. Dahlberg serves on the Parks Commission.

He recently applied for park grants.


Grants are nice but not good when you still have to pay 90 percent of the cost. Is he going to spend like this if elected?

Joel McPherson Incumbent, appointed by the mayor to fill an empty council Seat. McPherson, a former City of North Branch employee, has consistently voted on items that caused more spending and increased taxes.

I have my vote sheet tagged for Lindquist, Furman and Borchardt. This is the team to ensure greater success, and prosperity for our City.

John von Lange

North Branch

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