Board did avoid tax increases

to the editor

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mr. Hardin’s letter in your paper last week.  He suggested that the county board could have avoided property tax increases for our residents.  Thankfully, we did.  My record is local and I stand by it in consistently holding down County taxes.

The writer focuses on issues involving powers of our state leaders – State Homestead Credit versus Homestead Exclusion — instead of things under my purview as a non-partisan County Commissioner.  The state can fix the tax shift it created that has burdened our residents by correcting the Market Value Homestead Credit.

The writer suggests that electing Darrel Trulson will result in a reversal of the $1.6 million property tax increase.  However, to accomplish that goal, he would need to become a State Legislator, not a County Commissioner.

I appreciate the support of Democrats, Republicans and independent voters alike.  Thank you!

Commissioner Lora Walker

Lent Township

  • David Hardin

    Commissioner Walker knows or should know that property taxes are put in place by Walker and the other county commissioners, NOT by the State Legislature. Commissioner Walker’s vote last December for a $31.4 Million levy included the $1.6 Million that ended up as the 2012 PropertyTax Increase, a fact not generally understood by a public not familiar with the county’s budgeting calculations and processes. Does Commissioner Walker not understand how these budgeting calculations and processes work? Is the public not being fully informed?

    Meanwhile as Walker knows or should know, the county’s General Fund unrestricted fund balance (slush fund?) grew by $2.6 Million last year (State Auditor Reports for 2010 and 2011), so there was no need for Walker to vote for the $1.6 Million 2012 Property Tax Increase, and later blame the State Legislature.