Correction: sand fracking operation article

In the Oct. 24 Post Review article, “Harris residents concerned about sand fracking operation,” it should have been reported that an estimated 325 trucks and 400 rail cars of sand per week could be heading to and from Tiller Corp., according to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency at the Oct. 15 Harris City Council meeting,

The figures presented to the council by Tiller were the “potential to emit” and were in relation to air quality, not the actual volume of truck and train traffic, said a Tiller Corp. official.

A representative from the sand source in Grantsburg, Wis., where Tiller will be getting the sand, said at max capacity only 25 railcars could be loaded per day if the plant runs 24/7.

At this time, there are no plans to run the sand fracking plant continually.

Tiller Corp. estimates six to eight truckloads of sand will be passing through Harris every hour when the operation is up-and-running, and 15-25 railcars per day could be loaded. The Tiller official said once those cars are loaded, one to two trains every other day could be leaving the plant.

In phase two of the operation, one to two trains per day could be leaving the plant.

Tiller Corp. plans to run six days a week, 12 hours a day.

The Post Review apologizes for the incorrect information that was published last week.

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