Letter did contain an error

to the editor

In a letter to the Editor in this publication dated Oct. 24, my opponent responded to a letter to the dditor from the week before.  In his letter, my opponent alleges my campaign “lied.” The letter to the editor submitted on my behalf did contain an error, one which we should have caught, and one which we acknowledged the moment we were aware of its inaccuracy. We apologize for that mistake. I conveyed that apology to my opponent.

My opponent Sean Nienow did not vote for a pay raise in the 2010 legislative session. He did, however, accept the increased per diem rate during the 2011-2012 legislative sessions. This is noteworthy as he campaigned against per diem increases and criticized those who voted for that increase in the 2007 session. You are able to verify this. It is all a matter of public record.

I will seek to do right and seek to make things right. I will take responsibility for my actions.  As your representative, you can expect the best from me, just as I will expect the best from my colleagues in the legislature. I will engage in a collaborative dialogue with them, a dialogue designed to allow us to complete the critical work that needs attention and moves us forward.


Jeske Noordergraaf 

Candidate for State Senate, District 32

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