Middle school finalists chosen in Lions poster contest

Photos supplied
(L to r): Middle school art teacher Mary Colvin, with poster contest finalists Grace Mohs, Bailey Plante, Maya McDougall, Marie Marrin, Antonia Jacobsen, and Grace Benda. Lion Don Hartzell is also pictured. Photo supplied

Syl Marking and Don Hartzel, representatives of the North Branch Lions, presented the winners of the Imagine Peace poster contest with cash prizes and certificates for free Blizzards at Dairy Queen on Friday, Oct. 26. Mary Colvin, middle school art teacher, was very pleased with the quality of the poster contest entries. Grace Mohs will have her poster entered into the next level of competition, which takes place in January.

The finalists are as follows:

1st: Grace Mohs

Lion Don Hartzell and middle school art teacher Mary Colvin with this year’s poster contest winner, Grace Mohs.

2nd: Bailey Plante

3rd: Maya McDougall

4th: Marie Marrin

5th: Antonia Jacobsen

5th: Grace Benda

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