A week to say ‘thanks’

Deb Henton

The best thing about days or weeks honoring educators is they give me the opportunity to talk again about the great staff we have here at North Branch Area Public Schools.

This week is American Education Week, with each day of the week dedicated to specific groups involved in the education of a child, including parents (Nov. 13), education support professionals (Nov. 14), educators (Nov. 15), and substitute educators (Nov. 16).

What I like about American Education Week is it recognizes that many people play a role in a child’s education. First and foremost are parents/guardians, whose participation in the educational process can be the difference for many students. The messages kids receive about the importance of education here in our schools are only as meaningful as those they receive at home. When parents are enthusiastic about learning, so too are their kids.

As for our employees – support staff, teachers, and substitutes – it’s hard to know where to begin. Their dedication to educating our community’s children begins before the sun comes up and is evident everywhere you look, everyday. Years of having to “step up” in the face of annually increasing duties and fewer staff have borne a saying around here – if you’re not working hard at North Branch Area Public Schools you stick out like a sore thumb.

A state official recently toured our schools and indicated that we should be the “poster child” for doing more with less. It speaks directly to the attitude of employees at NBAPS. We will be thanking our employees this week by serving root beer floats, a tiny token of appreciation. I hope you also have the opportunity to tell a staff member “thank you” this very important week.

Deb Henton is the superintendent of North Branch Area Public Schools

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