NB boys soccer 2012 season awards

Boys soccer

North Suburban Conference

All Conference Academic

Jon Blomquist, Isaac Lewis,

Levi Kolke, Luke Zschokke

All Conference

Logan Klatt

All Conference Honorable Mention

Levi Kolke

Letter Winners

Brett Bergstrom, Matt Blomquist, Jon Blomquist, Eric Chilstrom,

Tyler Gudmundson,

Kaleb Larson, Isaac Lewis, Logan Klatt, Levi Kolke, Brandon Kratzke, Joe Prell, Mike Stephens,

Ryan Zentner, Luke Zschokke

Coach’s Awards

Most Valuable Player

Levi Kolke

Most Talented Player

Logan Klatt

Most Improved Players

Kaleb Larson and Ryan Zentner,

Jon Blomquist

“Heart and Soul” Award

Luke Zschokke

Most Improved Goalie

Brandon Kratzke

Rookie of the Year

Matt Blomquist

Biggest Goal of the Year

Joe Prell

“Whatever it takes Coach” Award

Eric Chilstrom

“Get that ball out of Here” Award

Isaac Lewis

“Fancy Footwork” Award

Tyler Gudmundson

“Using my Head” Award

Brett Bergstrom

“JV most Valuable and Versatile Player”

Tennie Jacobson

“Hardest to tell apart” Award

Max and Mitchell Klevin

“Gotta Get these Legs Under 

Control” Award

Chase Hagert

Captain’s Awards

Most Valuable Offensive Player

Logan Klatt

Most Improved Player

Kaleb Larson

Most Valuable Defensive Player

Levi Kolke

Best Haircut

Ryan Zenter

Most Likely to get a red card

Isaac Lewis

Most Likely to use a bottle

Eric Chilstrom

Best Manager(s) Ever

Grace Hischer and Leah Schwintek

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