Tiller means jobs and prosperity

To the editor

I have just a couple of questions and comments about the article relating to the opposition of the trucks and the sand drying plant near Harris included are some facts about the trucking industry in Minnesota and the sand drying company. The below figures are from the Minnesota Trucking Association.

• Employment: In 2010, the trucking industry in Minnesota provided 121,560 jobs, or one out of 18 in the state.

• Small Business Emphasis: In 2011, there were over 14,370 trucking companies located in Minnesota, most of them small, locally owned businesses. These companies are served by a wide range of supporting businesses both large and small.

• Transportation of Essential Products: Trucks transported 85 percent of total manufactured tonnage in the state in 2010. Over 68 percent of Minnesota communities depend exclusively on trucks to move their goods.

• Individual Companies: In 2011, a typical five-axle tractor-semitrailer combination paid $6,096 in state highway user fees and taxes in addition to $7,771 in federal user fees and taxes. These taxes were over and above the typical taxes paid by businesses in Minnesota.

• Sand drying company: Good paying new jobs are created in our community. The company pays fifteen cents a ton gravel tax fee to the county.

Why is it in a time when we want to see our foreign dependency on oil and gas reduced, we don’t want any of the hard work and inconvenience that goes with it?

We all want what the trucks deliver but we don’t want the trucks. Why is that?

We never want the trucks or the industry in our community, but its fine if it is in the next town or county over. Why is that?

Our economy is hopefully coming out of one of the worst recessions in history. All of us are going to have to give and take to make this happen or keep sending our money out of the country to continue supporting our foreign oil dependency.  It’s not my choice, is it yours?

Richard Johnson


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