Fiscal cliff backfiring on GOP

To the Editor:

There is so much bemoaning by the GOP about the fiscal cliff and constant reiteration of jobs and the economy.

First of all, the GOP created this fiscal cliff as a stick it to the Democrats move, and now it is backfiring on them.

This clearly shows that the GOP cannot govern, which is why we are in this mess to begin with and it was they who did not know how to solve the problem and created a super committee to do their job.  Well, the super committee did their job and now they do not like what is about to take place, but instead of compromising (gasp), they continue to throw temper tantrums, point fingers and say “no” like three year olds. Get real!

The GOP also has been talking, talking, not acting or creating jobs for four years now.  Obviously, they again, do not know how to do this either or are not the least bit concerned, or their would have been jobs created, Americans working, and the deficit shrinking.

Also note, they have never offered a “livable wage or increase in wages” as a solution to the so-called “dependency” problem they claim we have.

Democrats are not your problem, Republicans have been (i.e. Reagan-deficits, Bush Sr.-deficits, Clinton-balanced budget, Bush Jr.-near economic collapse.).

The next Republican president elected (a prediction here) will equal total destruction of the United States.

Need I say more?

Time to wake up people. Party loyalty is not important, we are! We are the country.

Lynn Maldonado, North Branch

  • Jeremy Miller

    Unfortunately it is this mentality that the government should mandate “livable wages,” stimulus spending and other vast social safety nets that have put us in this dire economic condition. The problem doesn’t lie only with the Republicans, but with both parties and ultimately with the American people. People generally don’t get re-elected by taking things from their constituents, they only take from others. This leads both sides of congress to increase overall spending year after year. We will have to elect people to congress that say “no” like an adult, which is a word not only reserved to three-year-olds.

    Eventually our government will have to curb its spending and actually address the elephant that is Social Security and Medicare. Hopefully they can do this without continually stealing from those who have been successful. Government intervention in the economy does nothing but skew the costs and benefits of personal choices, usually in a manner that underestimates the costs, which is what we saw in the housing collapse. It is this underestimation of costs that influences people to make decisions that are more risky than they “normally” would. When the financial costs of poor decisions are borne by the public (which means the individual tax payer, who sacrifices free time with family in exchange for a wage), the number of people dependent on the state must increase.

    The destruction of the United States (which will hopefully not happen) will not be caused by an individual party, but by a majority of Americans that value the financial security provided by a government that takes from others, more than the personal freedom and responsibility for their own lives.